Iceland Project
Iceland Project
- From Iceland, a Journey in Search of Future Energy -

(1) Running through or across Iceland on the vehicle
We develop and produce one man vehicle which runs on the electricity made out of fuel cells,
solar cells and wind power. We run this vehicle in Iceland. We decide which course we take looking upon all the conditions, such as characteristics of the vehicle and geographical situation in Iceland.

(2) Self providing the electricity during the tour
Not only the electricity used for the vehicle, all the energy for the supporting staff (communication, living, photo taking, etc) is also provided by the electricity made out of fuel cells, solar cells and wind power.

(3) Meeting local people on the basis of energy
During the tour, we love to meet people, exchange information and making friends.

(4) Simultaneous experiencing of tour outcome using information technology
In our homepage, we report all the information we come by from the preparation of the tour to the happy end of it and after. And during the tour, we try real time communication with the world.

5.Schedule, would be November 2003, begin looking for supporting group
March 2004, finish making vehicle as electrical type
June 2004, visit Iceland for preparation, negotiate local matter
November 2004, finish making vehicle as completion type
June 2005, actual tour

6.Supporters Embassy of Iceland in Japan
Icelandic New Energy Ltd.
Cygnus Mill Ltd.
Iceland Air
Icelandic Tourist Board (would be)
Embassy of Japan in Iceland (Ministry for Foreign Affairs) (would be)

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