Iceland Project
Iceland Project
- From Iceland, a Journey in Search of Future Energy -

What is the general idea on Iceland among Japanese. Huge glaciers, fjords, aurora, and hot springs. The land is 1 and half as big as Hokkaido, and population is only 290 thousand. Iceland had the first democratic congress and the first woman president in the world. And as you know, they have also the Vikings' identity as ancestors. Recently, research on magma inside the earth made it clear that plates are born in Iceland and go eastward and westward,
and they become together again near Japan. So the 2 island countries are both abundant in volcanoes, earthquakes and hot springs.
Now, in Iceland a big project is under way : the project to create the first hydrogen society in the world. Iceland put an end to the thermal power plants about 20 years ago, and relies on geothermal energy instead. Now all the electricity is supplied through water power and geothermal power. The project is to shift the energy resources to hydrogen, and in 30 to 50 years, they plan to create sustainable society based on hydrogen technology.
They have already started some experiments. In Reykjavik, capital city, fuel cell buses are in service. Hydrogen stations are on the roads. And experimental fuel cell fishing boats are
operating. Moreover, Iceland plans to use their abundant energy sources of water power and geothermal power to produce hydrogen to exchange the use of fossil fuels in transportations
and marine applications. In the new century, we have to quit living on the fossil energy and change into hydrogen society. Iceland is making this challenge earlier than any other nations in the world.
So, it's not just a small country in the north Europe. The world energy trend is coming from
Iceland. They are "Advanced environmental energy country" exactly.

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