Iceland Project
Iceland Project
- From Iceland, a Journey in Search of Future Energy -



Green Energy Adventure (G.E.A.) is a voluntary group who consider natural energy (such as solar power, wind power, geothermal power) and new low impact energy technology such as fuel cell as preferable energy for the future, and call it "green energy". Our aim is to promote and publicize this "green energy" to the world through adventures, entertainments and other activities. Our main staff are those who succeeded in 4000km trans-North American flight on a manned solar powered plane in 1990.
Right now, we are holding cultural events, such as meetings on "green energy", fuel cell model car races, solar powered concerts, helping the public to understand the importance of "green energy", and at the same time, to enjoy it.
Our biggest adventure project now is "Sustainable Energy" : From Iceland, a Journey in Search of Future Energy. Well, what is this? In the summer 2005, we will run across Iceland outback on a handmade vehicle powered by electricity acquired through fuel cells, solar cells, and winds. And during the tour, the energy we need to live and to communicate will also be supplied by solar power and wind power only, thus making clear the potentiality of independent power plants which are suitable to the area condition, that is, in Iceland, hybrid between natural energy and fuel cell technology.
Iceland is the pioneer in on coming "Hydrogen Society", so we will fulfill this adventure in search of next generation energy. The reason? This can be the first step to realize the sustainable society.

Solar Plane "Sun Seeker"

Solar Powered Concert

Fuel Cell Model Car Races

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