In the 20th century, our life came out to be rich and comfortable because of industrial development based on the consumption of fossil energy. On the contrary, natural environment has largely changed, some part of it resulting in a great menace to our lives. It is apparent fossil energy will dry up in the near future and we have to find alternative energy source. The safety of nuclear power is far from perfect as you know. We have enjoyed enough richness and comfortableness to struggle to create a sustainable-energy civilization for the next generation. As a citizen of the globe, we ourselves have to search for the recycling energy source not leaving the matter to the hands of our reliable government.

"Green Energy Adventure"(G.E.A.) is a group of volunteers who try to use low-impact energy technology (we call it green energy), such as solar power, wind power, fuel-cell power and so on, for adventures and events to spread the idea and the usage of the "green energy" among the world. Harnessing the "green energy" for the adventures in the rough condition, we test the reliability of low-impact energy technology. Coming back to our daily life, we hold lectures and events to show people the advantage of the "green energy". We will also contact the world through the internet at the same time.

Now, we are ready to invite more people and groups who are interested in this kind of activity and say together something more influential to the world.

We hope some of you will say yes and take part in or support "Green Energy Adventure".

Members of Green Energy Adventure

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