Kenji Bamba
Adventurer and entrepreneur who creates and realizes "Intellectual adventures for the benefit of the next generation". Developed interest in aviation and natural energy sources while working and studying in England, home of world champion hang-gliding teams, where he worked for the world's leading glider company, Airwave Gliders, whilst studying aviation theory and technology. Following this went to America as one of the leaders of the 1990 solar plane trans-American project to develop the solar plane "Sun Seeker". Worked as marketing director for Solar Flight Research, and as such was involved in the engineering and flight testing side of the "Sun Seeker" project as well as in generation of Japanese corporate sponsorship for the project. Returned to Japan following the success of "Sun Seeker". Experience to worked for publishing company. Successfully reached in "Mitsuo Ohba on the Walk 2000" to the North Magnetic Pole from April to May 2000.

Akira kaneko
Freelance television director and producer. Programs include Asamade nama Terebi (ANB), a feature program on the trans-American solar plane flight Sun Seeker for Hikariyo Kazeyo, Ozora e no Chosen (TBS), "Shingo Katori goes to Patagonia" for Yasei Dobutsu Daikiko (TBS), and "You can sing too" for the Saturday Special Program (NHK). Currently working for Recruit in their digital satellite programming department, producing programs. Does volunteer work on the NPO to combat truancy and school absenteeism among young people. .

Naoyuki Kubo
TV producer and director of F & F Corporation. Focus is news and documentary field of TV key stations. Career covers "Hiroshi Sekiguchi's Sunday Morning" "Space Project" "The Fresh" "Fresh" "Space-J" (TBS) and "The Chase" (NTV). During the produce of "Light, Wind...Challenge The Big Sky" (TBS), founded friendships with members of this project team, and joined..

Etsuji Inuzuka
Businessman. Works in development, consultancy and sales of factory distribution system products. Mainly involved in the development and adaptation of imported products, in research and development of solar-powered products, and in supervision of distribution system projects in the construction, medical and automotive industries, and in CD distribution. As part of this is involved in planning and realizing exhibitions and sales promotions events, creating promotions via the Internet (digital contents home page), and producing and editing catalogs and promotional publications.
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