Iceland Project News Release (PDF)

June 2005 June 25 The Iceland Project is succeeded.

June 11 The Iceland Project is begun.

June 2 An article appears in The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

May 2005 May 31 One of the members departs for Iceland and begins making arrangements.
The rest of the members are scheduled to depart from Narita Airport on Sunday, June 5th .

May 28 An article on the project appears in the Fuji Sankei Business-i.

An internet connection test takes place using the Inmarsat M4.

Begin shipping equipment to Iceland via air cargo by Sankyu Inc.

May 26 The Iceland Project is introduced during the NHK18:10 news.

The Iceland Project receives support from GOLDWIN Inc. (The North Face).

We receive a laptop computer that is custom-made for the Iceland Project from Panasonic.

May 20 An article on the Iceland project appears in the morning paper of the Kanagawa Shimbun.

May 16 A television meeting test takes place via satellite communication with support from KDDI Group.

May 15 Final test-run of Hydro-Puffin takes place.

May 14 The Iceland International Boys and Girls Exchange Team observation meeting takes place.

May 3-4 Test run of Hydro-Puffin and testing of facility systems takes place at Fuji Eco-park Village.

Final touches are added to the Iceland Projects Hydro-Puffin.

April 2005 April 27 An article on the Iceland project appears in the morning paper of the Tokyo Shimbun.

The Boys and Girls Exchange Program holds a lecture and conduct a fuel cell model car race.

The Boys and Girls Exchange Program goes on a video shoot recording daily life.
Wind power is put together for the Iceland Project.

The Boys and Girls Exchange Program holds a meeting at the elementary school in Japan.

Fuel cell is installed in Hydro-Puffin!

March 2005 The Boys and Girls Exchange Program begins shooting for the introductory video.

A Metal hydride made of alloy is custom-made for Hydro-Puffin with cooperation from The Japan Steel Works,Ltd.(JSW). It is being installed along with the fuel cell.
February 2005 The idea for The International Boys and Girls Exchange Program is arrived at while on tour for the Iceland Project.
Plans to connect an elementary school in Japan with one in Iceland in cooperation with NPO Yokohama Education Support Forum are in the works. A television meeting on energy will take place.

January 2005 KDDI Corporation, KDDI R&D Laboratories, and KDDI Network & Solutions Inc. will provide telecommunication systems support during the Iceland Project expedition.
Plans are made to send video images of the tour using KDDI Corporation's
latest technology. The images will be available over the internet as well.

December 2004 It is decided that the Iceland Project's vhicle "Hydro-Puffin" will use fuel cell made by Daido Metal Corporation.
The estimated installation date is March 2005.

November 2004 Nov.13-14 Demonstration on soft energy takes placeat "Earth Garden@Yoyogi Park-Fall"

Nov.3 EV Version Hydro-Puffin takes part in the EV Festival.

October 2004 EV Version Hydro-Puffin is born.

August 2004 Aug.28 The Iceland Project is addressed at the "Citizen's Lecture on Fuel Cell" which was organized by Fuel Cell NPO PEM-DREAM.

Aug.10-11 Demonstration on soft energy takes place at "Earth Garden @ Yoyogi Park-Summer"

July 2004 July 30-Aug.1 Demonstration on soft energy takes place at "Fuji Rock Festival 2004"

June 2004 June 19-27 The Iceland Project finishes location hunting.

May 2004 Work in cooperation with Fuji Eco Park Village's
"Green Energy Concert" celebrating the park's 2 year anniversary.

December 2003 Take part in Ecoproducts 2004.

August 2003 Take part in Tama Challenge Campus.

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